Is Bisexuality natural?

For hundreds of years the LGBT+ Community has suffered for their sexuality at the hands of others, from the modern public ridicule, beatings and chemical castration to the more archaic practices of the 13th Century French that was not limited to but included acts as monstrous as castration, dismemberment and burning at the stake.

It might seem to most that these abhorrent acts have persisted since the beginning of time and only improved somewhat as humanity evolved into a more tolerant respectable species.

This, it disheartens me to say is not true and I feel that this all too common belief is used as the basis of many misinformed homophobic arguments.

We are all too familiar with the argument regularly given by those who feel uncomfortable around LGBT peoples, the one that states Homosexuality and its affiliated sexualities is “unnatural”, and this cannot be more untrue.

In the following article I outline recent but overlooked historical studies that shine a new light on ancient sexuality and the chemical/ Social constructs that governed them.


It has been observed by Zoologists that animals such as Primates, Dogs, Cats, Frogs, Birds etc… Often display Homosexual and Bisexual behaviour on a regular basis and there is further evidence to suggest that possibly all animals display a degree of Bisexuality.

Another animal this trait is displayed in is of course early man, for thousands of years after leaving our primordial vessels, be that ape or the light of creation even before the invention of Agriculture, the species of Man existed as a simple creature driven only to survive  and feel the pleasure of doing so.

There were no such things as trivial as possessions or identity and the knowledge of what created life was lost on them, there was no family structure of mothers and fathers only a mother of a child and the tribe, this is not of course to suggest that the child was left without a father figure they would not be, the male members of a tribe would all raise the children as if they were their own.

Why? Because no one knew who the real father was, to them it seemed as if they were all the father, that was certainly a possibility given how sex in early tribes functioned.

Sex was never for procreation and only for pleasure as that’s all they could make sense of, and as such there have been ancient art pieces depicting homosexuality as normal and masculine, some tribes show evidence that the act was ritualistic and that everyone would partake, evidencing that whilst heterosexual sex may have been preferable for some homosexuality was seen as a form of play that both men and women considered completely normal, and as Tribal structure developed some Tribes saw homosexual couples as peoples who had reached enlightenment.

Homosexuality in the animal kingdom works similarly as animals such as wolves use homosexuality as a form of dominance and play much like most terrestrial creatures do including humans, the Romans saw this structure as commendable and adopted it unto themselves.

It is important to mention that concepts such as love and sincere attachment appear to be unnatural and exist purely as an invention of ownership and the agricultural revolution as suggested by modern social scientists.

That is not to say that Homosexuality and Heterosexuality did not exist as there is evidence to suggest that they did and were actually revered as spiritual.

It has been observed that certain shamanistic or spiritual persons were purely Homosexual and Heterosexual, whilst uncommon for the time there is evidence to suggest that primitive culture embraced this and would help and support them on their journey of discovering new sexuality.

More can be read on this matter in a fantastic book titled:  

“Sex at Dawn” by Christopher Ryan and his wife Cacilda Jetha


As little as 10,000 years later came a humanity obsessed with Agriculture, ownership and power, all of which belonged to man, it was the birth of a patriarchal society that began to oppress women, it was around this time that Lesbianism was outlawed and forbidden as a common practice, but men could sleep with whomever they pleased.


The reason for this is due to natural selection, as a byproduct of this unforgiving natural process we value our offspring more than anything else and with the introduction of material goods we as a species wanted specifically our children to receive them upon our demise.

However due to the free sexual nature of the tribes there was no way to know which child was whose and so the idea of marriage came into play, women were only to have sex with one person and whoever that person was would know that his child was indeed his.

This new controlling trait of man caused jealousy and possessiveness to develop to the extent that women would no longer be able to have sex with even other women for superstitious fear of a child being born of it.

With this new found concept of selfish ownership came the unspeakable horrors of man, war, rape, murder, pillaging… etc…


Meanwhile men would partake in mass orgies with men and women with no regard for hetero or Homosexual behaviour, it would seem that as a rule for this time that humans were all bisexual in nature and those that were not would be considered strange and possibly cast out.


The UKIP candidate John Sullivan once said “Physical exercise for boys was, in the Victorian’s eyes and mine being a school founded in 1888 was still the same when I attended in 1963, released boys tensions and thus avoided homo-sexuality, which the Victorians abhorred”

The UKIP councillor would be shocked to hear that according to history the opposite was true.

Possibly the most exclusively Homosexual people in all of history were the warrior race of Spartans from Ancient Greece!

In Sparta men were only allowed to marry once and this was after a lifetime of military training, it was very common and in fact encouraged that men partake in sex with each other as it was seen as the ultimate form of masculinity, this is not to say that the Spartans were Bisexual as it was a common issue after a spartan couple married that hetero sex was a difficulty, women often had to dress as men in order to consummate and produce an heir which was also a requirement of a Spartan warrior.


The more conservative of you might still be turning your noses up and declaring “savages, this does not reflect modern civilised society” in this case you and our friend the UKIP councillor would be increasingly shocked to discover the reason LGBT+ was outlawed in recent history.

At the turn of “civilised society” and the rise of modern religion following the crusades, the church began to crack down on “unchristian acts”, to the extent that there was once a time where the literal notion of “fun” was banned and everything done required a legitimate purpose that benefitted society.

This time is possibly the most oppressed and authoritarian the world might have ever been, LGBT+ was banned simply because it was not deemed productive enough, it was sex without creation and the Church of England quickly adapted their version of the bible to suit this new belief as they did for other concepts such as fun and alcohol, the rest of the world quickly followed in suit.


After the outlawing of sexual activity the state was forced to clamp down on it further especially since the majority of the population still practiced LGBT+ relations with one another and did so even more than usual, the state’s reaction built to absolute authority over the matter and as time passed it became taboo even in the public eye to the point that we all suppressed our sexualities.

This leads us to the overwhelming question, are we Heterosexual because it is natural to be so?

Or are we heterosexual because it is what the world culture expects of us?

4 thoughts on “Is Bisexuality natural?

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    1. Thanks for the observation, the biggest difficulty I found with this article is grouping sexualitys, there just aren’t words for them, so by “affiliated” I just mean binary sexualities of homosexuality so Lesbianism and heterosexuality but in that context not including Bisexuality whilst also respecting sexualities that I have failed to address.


  1. I am very certain that bisexuality is just another natural form of sexuality. I however, don’t think that we only are straight/gay because of society. But there are probably people inhibiting their sexual wishes because of society. So sad that we can’t all be open with ourselves without the pressure of society. Anyways, thanks for your thoughts. I linked to this for my recent article!


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