Dawn of the daily thought! 3/29/18


-Today I have endeavored to post a thought a day in order to impress my phantom audience, Greetings by the way.

I also kind of wanted to  make it all wacky’ly spread out like a hipster art project

Maybe It’ll come out pretty good

Okay this might be a little pedantic. Anyway!

Without further a do

Lets talk about writing

More specifically why we do it and especially why I do.

Writing is how I work out and express thoughts and feelings too complex to simply convey in everyday conversation, different forms of writing express different faucets of my psyche and satisfies me differently. My writing is usually separated into Journalistic and less creative but investigative writing, prose and poetry, each performing a different function. Combined they provide us as mere mortals an opportunity to transcend and become godlike, the written word is immortal and eternal as the material it is written on, we can save and archive entire lives and more, we can create entire worlds and ideas. Take Tolkien for example, the man reinvented Anglo mythology and culture, he created new ideas and histories and gave meaning and joy to his world, for a moment this mere mortal became a god and his creation is revered across the world.

However whilst prose, articles and essays are purely limited to the knowledge of the writer poetry is not. Poetry is a way for a writer to reveal to them self great truths, poetry is a method of personal expression so divine that in writing a poet can become even more wise than themselves. It does this by forcing us to think outside the box, through creating rules and forcing us to write by them we cannot fall into the traps of ordinary thought patterns, we have to think differently. Israel didn’t “Create a navy”, “Israel set sail”, the first being industrial and uninformative the second and more poetic giving images of thousands of Israeli ships sailing over the horizon towards the setting sun into new and uncharted lands, they are moving and not passive. That is the value of poetry, though poetry is taxing and for the average writer requires a lot of emotional and mental effort to bring to fruition.

Creative writing is how we get across large complex opinions and ideals, the message of The Great Gatsby would be almost impossible to convey by conversation, and a task even more impossible is persuading the reader to take your opinion seriously. A novel like The Great Gatsby could convince the likes of Donald Trump to believe the American Dream is toxic, Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut could turn a Nazi into an American and The Hobbit could make any child a lover of Dragons and Dwarves.

Writing moves the world, and will forever be the ultimate way to turn heads and change minds, take religious texts, The Bible and Quran even today change politics and have killed and saved millions, governed lives and countries, Dante’s Divine comedy changing how we see God and Tolkien changing the way we see language and culture.

Writing is humanities true means of ascending to Godhood.

Thank you for transcending with me today,

Let us commit to the same tomorrow!

Thank you, and fare thee well.





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