Conflict – Daily thought 3/30/18

As a species we are lost in conflict.

Conflict defines us, who we are, who we spend our time with and our actions both as individuals and as groups.

The world is steeped in conflict, conflict derived from hatred and from love. Global conflict is often as a result of ownership or the love of something material or immaterial and our unwillingness to let it go or let it be tainted by the hands of those we hate.

And hatred almost always comes from the threat of conflict, the fear of losing what we love to someone else. The first wars were fought over precious food supplies, which the loss of would starve those around us and ourselves; simple almost required battles that would lead to the succession of our genes. Come the invention of swords and politics it became very different, wars were no longer fought through necessity but instead for things. Things like iron for our swords or land to generate wealth, wars began to be fought for things as fickle as titles and power, none of which could be considered absolutely necessary.

War became an industry, the most profitable industry the world has ever seen.

Since the rise of the Roman empire conflict had been redefined, no longer would old men send their children to war over land or wheat, but instead now to take what other people held dear.

The Romans were ruthless in their theft, looting and butchering neighbour populations, stealing their gold and identities, indoctrinating entire nations into slavery under a system still used and abused today. The founding of Rome was said to have been achieved through Conflict, when Romulus murdered his brother Remus in order to found the empire and how early Romans were required to steal the daughters of Etruscan lords in order to birth Roman children, a legend fabricated to fan warfare and to encourage the Roman people to be greedy, we can see a similar strategy being used today.

Modern day America too is said to be founded on conflicts such as the American war of independence or the Civil war, these acts are considered by the countries “patriots” as the sole founding acts, acts derived from conflict, however it would not be much of a leap to attribute America’s founding on Russian wheat farmers or enterprising European huntsmen. America is another superpower that has indoctrinated its people into believing in conflict as a means to gaining their identities, as a result capitalism has run rampant throughout the world, not just capitalistic ideals but toxic capitalism that is invasive and encourages a Darwinian approach. Through generations of these ideals being reinforced America has become all the more invasive to foreign cultures and has arguably bred as much conflict as the “raiding Romans” or “Colonial Britain”, as a result of America’s need for conflict, Vietnam has lost $12 billion GDP worth of infrastructure that will never be returned, forcing its people to produce Nike trainers in return for scraps and the honour of being bombed.

Rather convenient for the Americans may I add.

This one sided conflict that is posited by superpowers breeds hatred from the victims who preach hatred to their fellow men for the things that they have lost, creating arch evils such as Russia, who seeing the greed of their neighbour enter a similar pattern of attack and abuse or like Isis a group who seethe in hatred for the loss of their possessions. A group like Isis is only so prevalent because it is made easy to convince those around them of the fury of the west.

But I will not get into that today.

Thank you for taking the time to read what is essentially a mad rant, it would make better as an essay or even a whole book, but at least I have illustrated the basis to which our world responds to conflict.

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